{ Special Occasions }


At the MeOhMy Flowers studio, blooms are created for all occasions. Whether you're after the ultimate wedding or hosting a small intimate dinner I've got you covered!

A wedding day is about celebrating your love, with friends and family. The awesome thing is we’re all different and have our own path to follow. I love weddings and a good chat. So whether you're after luxe or less, together we design flowers to suit you and your big day.

For busy couples, I've kept things simple and fun by offering 

Flower Collections in my 'garden inspired' style. These flower options are budget friendly but still flexible. With so many decisions to make, it can be overwhelming. We all crave simplicity, so all you need to do is choose a colour palette and leave the rest to me!

For a more personalised touch I can style your occasion from top to toe. Baby shower, Hen's Day, Birthday Bash, Wedding?  I'd love to be a part of your special day. 

Talk soon! x M

{ Day to Day }


'Flowers are always a good idea'

You shouldn't have to wait for earth-shaking events to enjoy flowers. You need no excuses to share the love, make someone's day, say hello, smile more, give a compliment.

A MeOhMy Flowers posy in recycled jar, is a beautiful affordable gesture of thanks, celebration, love, condolences or 'just because'. Starting at just $35 plus delivery.

Flowers are also available via subscription. If you'd like to receive the freshest seasonal flowers and foliage throughout the year, lets chat!

Remember, MeOhMy is unlike many other florists and only purchases fresh flowers and foliage as needed. We'd love to become your local florist, so if you'd like a special order, we just need a little notice. 

So is your workmates birthday? Did your mum babysit last night? Is your friend having a bad week? Are you in trouble .... again?

 Flowers are the answer!